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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I started this mermaid project so long ago I can't remember! My plan for 2012, and isn't it impressive that I've already started, is to finish most of my WIP. I say most because I think there are some that I'm going to give up on because they just don't appeal to me anymore. My mermaid is 1st in line and she definitely still appeals to me. I'm going to add beads to her and make her very glitzy and gorgeous! I'll post progress updates as I go along!


Carol said...

Nice piece. How big is she? What will she be when she is done? More info please.

robin michelle said...

I don't believe it - I typed a long answer & blogger lost it! Ok, I'll start again. She's 5x7, a Dimensions kit. I'd love to make a pillow out of her when I'm done but I'm afraid my cats might like it too much. I may just frame her and hang her in the bathroom. It seems an appropriate place for mermaid.

I'm glad you asked that though. I had forgot that I wanted to start a stitch journal with this project. I've done so many things over the years that I have no record of and I'd like to start keeping track. I'm going to look for a journal to use right now!

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