Next project!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I started this mermaid project so long ago I can't remember! My plan for 2012, and isn't it impressive that I've already started, is to finish most of my WIP. I say most because I think there are some that I'm going to give up on because they just don't appeal to me anymore. My mermaid is 1st in line and she definitely still appeals to me. I'm going to add beads to her and make her very glitzy and gorgeous! I'll post progress updates as I go along!

Meet Freddie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Freddie the Fish! I found Freddie in a book called Beadweaving by Ann Benson. I don't really like fish but something about Freddie appealed to me. I've been working on him for a couple of weeks and I finally finished last night. I think Freddie is quite handsome! I'm planning to hang him on my Christmas tree and I anticipate that a Mrs. Freddie and perhaps some Freddie children may join them if I work fast enough!

Pippin likes Freddy too. He's a little confused as to why I keep saying fish but he doesn't smell anything!

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