I'm Done!! August BJP Finished!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've finished the whole year! I'm very excited about this. One of my bad habits is that I'm an awful procrastinator. Now admittedly I've finished a little late but I did the whole year and I'm very proud of myself. I've really enjoyed doing the bead projects and am excited about participating next year. Anyway on to August!

I have two cats, Pippin & Mellifera. Pippin was named by me for Peregrin Took from The Lord of the Rings. Mellifera was named by my daughter Jill and her name means bearing honey. They are littermates born on August 22, 2004 and they came to live with me in October 2004. I somehow have become very attached to these cats and just can't imagine my life without them. Since they were born in August, this month's heart and poem are dedicated to them. Actually it isn't strictly a poem but it fit better for cats than any of the poems about cats that I found. They can seem so domesticated and tame and then they'll do something & you realize they are still wild animals at heart. Yet they stay with us and allow us the pleasure of their company. Pretty amazing I think!

August's "poem" is from The Cat Who Walked By Himself by Rudyard Kipling:

"He will kill mice, and he will be kind to babies when he is in the house, just as long as they do not pull his tail too hard. But when he has done that, and between times, and when the moon gets up and night comes, he is the Cat that walks by himself, and all places are alike to him. Then he goes out to the Wet Wild Woods or up the Wet Wild Trees or on the Wet Wild Roofs, waving his wild tail and walking by his wild lone."

Here's a picture of my cats: Pippin is the top one, mostly black and Mellifera on the bottom, mostly white.

August update

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here's a picture of my progress so far on August. It's actually almost complete. I need to find 2 cat beads to put on and then it will be done. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding what I had in mind. I want a black cat & white cat and they should be in a walking pose. I've seen some beads that came close but nothing is exactly what I'm looking for. I have a couple more places to check before I give up though! Anyway I'm feeling pretty good because this is the last month! Once I get those beads that will be it & I'll post a new picture with the poem and explanation.
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