June/July BJP

Friday, August 5, 2011

For the months of June and July I decided to create a bracelet inspired by the Aztec goddess Chalchiuhtlicue - "She of the Jade Petticoats"  Quite a few technical difficulties were encountered in crafting this bracelet.  Though it's more-or-less wearable I will probably redo it at some point in the future.  At any rate, I used hemp cord in blue and green, various colors of various beading thread, size 08 glass seed beads, rectangular jade beads, and a couple of turquoise nuggets.  I added the turquoise because "chalchiuh" in Nahuatl refers to any bluish-green stone - jade, turquoise, or serpentine.  In "Bancroft's Works"  her name is defined as meaning "petticoat of water, of a shade between green and blue"  So in my bead and fiber choice I used green, blue, and turquoise shades.  In one picture I posed the bracelet next to a somewhat battered Talavera frog, since Chalchiuhtlicue was associated with frogs! (Posted for Jillian Texeira)

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