Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've made 9-1/2 pairs of earrings so far. I'm having a lot of fun making these and I think I'm getting better with each pair. They are simple ones since I'm just beginning but the fact that I'm actually making them myself is exciting for me! Here are pictures of nine of them. The 1/2 pair I'm still working on. It's a more complicated technique and I got one made but it needs to be redone. They're going to be very pretty once finished though!

These beaded ones were fun to make but the pair with the bugle beads doesn't hang well. I pulled it tighter than I should have I think. 

I found this pattern at Fire Mountain Gems. They look like Christmas candies! I want to make a lot more of these.

I thought these two came out pretty. I like the brown/caramel colored swirls. 

I've had the dance charms for a long time. You can't really tell but the dark beads are purple. I was very happy with the way this pair came out.

These are Day of the Dead earrings for my daughter. I'm going to give them to her on Saturday. Hopefully she won't see this post before then! 

Some pretty orange and red beads. I needed some earrings in these two colors to match some of my tops. Now I can be color-coordinated!

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