Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well May is finished and I'm officially caught up and working on June! May was a very difficult month for me. It felt long and dark and endless so that's what I was trying to show in my project for this month.

I had originally planned to use all black beads around the heart but something just wouldn't let me and I kept adding color so maybe it wasn't quite as dark as I thought. The heart in the middle is full of holes which is how I've felt but it's also anchored. I used red and white beads to hold it in place and it felt like I was trying to stitch up a fractured heart but I think it worked. The line of white beads is hope because I know there is still a lot and I just don't look in the right place sometimes. Why it snaked outside the borders I don't know - it just had a mind of its own. I did a close-up on the blue beads in the corner because they looked so pretty and sparkly!

This really seemed to have a mind of its own and took off in a direction I hadn't planned. Which I guess is what life does all the time. I think June is going to be brighter though!


Carol said...

I think there is a tremendous amount of symbolism in this piece.

I don't know what your story is. I know that you moved not that long ago. I suppose the heart bead you chose with the holes is hugely symbolic. I like the white Hope line. From comments you have made I think you have a lot of hope. Its no wonder it wavers, because our own hope can be that way. The twists and turns of live certainly can cause our hope to waiver at times, but we are lucky, we return to the path and we are on our way and refocus on our dream.

I like your colorful beads and the black. Black is not always dispair, sometimes its our secret place.

Cyndi L said...

Don't you just love when your piece seems to have a mind of its own? Even if it takes us down scary paths sometimes, the twists and turns are always a revelation. I'm with Carol...I don't always read black as a sorrowful place. Excellent work :-)

Margaret Sutherland said...

I like the way the wavy lines of beads in the upper left ripples in water. It is wonderful that you are letting the beads speak.

robin michelle said...

Carol - I like that about black being our secret place. I've been trying to refocus on hope for the last month or so and I think I'm getting closer. Working this piece helped. I think some of my despair went into it and was changed into something else. I don't know - that's a little fanciful but it's how I feel. Yeah the heart bead is definitely symbolic. Lately my heart just feels full of holes but I'm working to fill them with beads! Thank you for the comment.

Cyndi - Thank you, I think I was seeing black as shutting out all the light but I guess that isn't always true. It's odd how the beads do seem to take over and guide me instead of the opposite.

Margaret - I'm not sure I had a choice but to let them speak! Thank you!

Robin said...

Carol made some wise comments... I too really like what she said about black not having to be dispair and about the possibility of its being a secret place.

I found myself looking back and forth between the two opposite corners, one red (the color of passion) and one aqua (the color of calm). I'm wondering if one might represent you and one another person? Or if possibly they represent two sides of you?

Once again, seing a piece where the story told by the beads is not controlled, like this one, makes me want to hurry back to improv beading. It's lovely, beautifully made and compelling.

Robin A.

Mary-Frances said...

I totally relate - May was a crazy month for me too! But "here's to June" eh?
I love it - and even in your "dark place" the piece actually seems quite hopeful!

robin michelle said...

Robin - I hadn't really realized what I did with the corners until you mentioned it! They almost balance each other although the red is larger. I think I'd say they are two sides of myself actually. I love pink but lately I find myself more & more drawn to red, I kind of think it's a way of freeing myself. Thank you!

Mary-Frances - I hope your June is better also! I think there is a lot of hope in it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My eye is drawn to the white line that starts around the heart, then flows around and off the left side tying elements of the piece together as it goes. Whether the heart with holes is symbolic or not, it's a lovely focal point for a beautiful piece. Beauty (as you noticed in your pretty blue sparkly corner beads) is enough of a reason to create such a lovely piece!

robin michelle said...

Thanks Barbara! I agree, just creating something beautiful is a reward in itself.

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