July BJP Done!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow I'm really getting excited! I've finished July and now all I have left is August! The picture on this is a little dark. I tried fooling with it but I'm not much of a photo editor! My Mom died on July 14, 1999 and I wanted to do this month's poem for her. What Came to Me by Jane Kenyon makes me cry every time I read it. For me, it's all the little things that are the hardest after someone dies. I couldn't figure out how to interpret this poem in beads but knew that I wanted to use yellow fabric as a background because yellow was her favorite color. When I found this fabric in my stash I decided to just bead the outlines of the flower. I think it came out really pretty! The picture doesn't really do it justice - the beaded outline that looks brown is actually a pretty light purple color. So now it's onto August and then I'm officially finished!

What Came to Me

I took the last
dusty piece of china
out of the barrel.
It was your gravy boat,
with a hard, brown
drop of gravy still
on the porcelain lip.
I grieved for you then
as I never had before.

~Jane Kenyon


a2susan said...

Your beading is a beautiful tribute to your mother. It is so delicate and lovely.


Anonymous said...

This poem is extremely touching, and your beaded piece is a lovely interpretation and tribute. The outline comes across as a pretty purple for me.

beadbabe49 said...

Lovely combination of fabric and beads...thank you for sharing the poem and the story of this piece.

pam T said...

wow. beautiful. the poem is incredible.

KV said...

Oh my, Robin -- once again you have touched all our hearts with your poetic soul and lovely bead embroidery . . .

Kathy V in NM

robin michelle said...

Thank you all for the nice comments! This one is really special for me and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Evelyn and Lise said...

So pretty !!! What a nice tribute to your mom. The poem was so touching...isn't it the small things to remind us of our dear ones when the are gone? Thank you for sharing this with us. Lise

Robin said...

Don't you just love it when a poet can say something so very profound in so few words? And you did it too with your beading and fabric choice. It's a wonderful way to remember your mother. Hugs, R

robin michelle said...

Evelyn & Lise: Definitely it's the small things. They are the best and hardest reminders I think.

Robin: I love short poems like this - they can say a lot. Thanks!

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